Silver Dollar Returns

This week’s theme for Flash Fiction Friday was very enticing: the wild west. Land of gold rushers, robbers, gunslingers and cattle drives. I have wanted to do a western story for a long time, but for some reason, I kept putting it off. Now, there was no way I could pass on this opportunity. So I […]

Spill It

AUTHOR’S NOTE: for this week’s installment of Flash Fiction Friday, we had to write a story comprised solely of dialogue. So much fun! I love these types of stories. A very interesting challenge in which my innermost Tarantino steps into the spotlight. Enjoy! So, Mike Walls. That’s quite the rap sheet. We should give you […]

Birth of a Cool Love

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here’s another foray into the wonderful world of flash fiction. Up at Flash Fiction Friday, this week’s theme was: You arrange for a weekend getaway at a friend’s cabin in the country, but Mother Nature decides to extend your stay with a blizzard. You’re trapped. Tell us what happens.  So, without further ado… enjoy! […]

Faded Glory

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first entry for the Flash Fiction Friday operation. I’d been meaning to take part in this for a while now, and this week’s theme – Thanksgiving – struck a cord. Inspiration came pretty easy for this one. Hope you enjoy it. All comments welcome. Many thanks to all involved with FFF. […]