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Thank you for visiting my site. Allow me to introduce myself.

For as long as I can remember, writing has been a passion for me. It began as a young boy, when I wrote fictional investigation stories and prepared comedy routines for my parents and friends.

Growing up in the very bilingual environment of Montreal’s West Island area, in Quebec, Canada, I had the incredible chance to learn both French and English at a very young age. This allowed me to develop exceptional writing skills in both languages.

Recently, after spending nearly 20 years working in sales (retail and B2B) and customer service jobs, I grew tired of the cubicle life. I decided to put my McGill University degree to good use and become a freelancer.

It’s quite the lifestyle change, let me tell you! My children (a 10 year-old boy and 8 year-old girl) are more than thrilled! And my girlfriend is happy to come home to a ready-made supper every night!

Now, I am thrilled by the opportunity to use my passion and my skills in order to help YOU thrive in your business venture(s).

What My Customers Say

They couldn't be happier.

But, by all means, don't take MY word for it...

“We had trouble finding a translator who captured our tone and personality. With Seb, that's no longer a problem. He uses a rich and varied vocabulary and consistently delivers quality material.”

Ashley Wood - Marketing Director, Amilia Inc.

“Working with Seb was truly a pleasure. Very professional and conscientious that the work was to my satisfaction. We plan on using his services on an ongoing basis. ”

Alain Cressaty - Business Development Manager, Zengar Institute

“I've been calling on Seb for over 12 years, now. He is responsible, reliable, and has always been available to help. Whether I need some translation work, or help with business correspondance, he's the first person I turn to. ”

Vincent Tremblay - CEO, PrestiGest Services Conseils

We were very pleased with the work Seb did on our new website. Seb is a patient guy who is quite capable of handling anything. Overall, dealing with Seb was a pleasant and positive experience. We'll be working with him again soon.

Solomon Katz - Owner, Eatz Chez Vouz

I am ready to help you

Together, we can take your business to new heights.

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